Web Hosting

Web hosting – where your website and emails sit on the Internet.

Let us take away the hassle of selecting a hosting service and setting it up.

It can be a struggle for businesses trying to set up online. There are numerous web hosting companies offering a huge array of products at wildly differing price points. Navigating through the service descriptions, options, and pricing models is not easy even for those of us who do this for a living. Once you have made your mind up then you have to work out how to manage your new account, configure the DNS settings (the settings that enable Internet users to find your website), email accounts, and a website.

Evrose no longer offers its own hosting services – it isn’t possible to devise a service that is capable of meeting every client’s needs perfectly and will scale up and down as those needs change. Instead we will act as your agent to find the right hosting at the right cost to fit your particular requirements. We will set up your hosting account, configure your email accounts, and install your chosen website software and associated databases. We will also take an initial backup in case anything goes wrong. We can also go further and develop your website for you.

Price depends on exactly what you want but typically, for a small business with less than 10 email accounts, will be under £250 + VAT including 12 months support. Thereafter annual support would be from £100 + VAT. Or we are more than happy for you to look after yourself if you feel confident enough by that point and you can save yourself some money!

We do not receive commission from any hosting company so are truly independent.