Web Design

There are a few choices when it comes to designing your website.

You can go with a web design agency, and they will design you a fantastic unique eye-catching site. If you have the money and the time to work with a designer then this is a good route. It is like having a designer one-off suit or dress, great but not economic for everyone, especially when starting up.

Or you can buy a website builder hosting package and follow the instructions to set yourself up with a couple of pages where you can add your own blurb. That’s buying a generic white t-shirt off the peg. Again, works for a lot of people and is very economical.

Our service sits in between, off the peg but altered to fit properly.

There are different free of charge baseline packages depending on what sort of site you want, e.g. WordPress , Joomla, MediaWiki or Magento. Apply a theme, again there are plenty of free options, to match your corporate image and use photos that reflect what you do. Then you install extensions and customisations which add functionality to fit your more precise requirements. And finally work out how you are going to use your site and configure it accordingly. For example, WordPress delivers fantastic results but to make it a corporate site rather than a personal blog you need to switch off comments, add a contact form, display a cookie warning, make sure pages are displayed in the right order, and so on.

Most people can do much of this themselves with enough time and patience to experiment. However, if you’re not technical and you’re too busy running your business then Evrose can step in and set up everything for you. We’ve already done all the experimentation!

Price depends on the complexity of your requirements but a basic WordPress-based corporate site with a small number of product and service pages, an About Us, and a contact form, is unlikely to exceed £200 + VAT. A more complex Magento e-commerce site will cost more.

Please note that if designing a site, you may need to take hosting services from us too. This is to ensure that the hosting service is compatible with the type of website you have selected.

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